Do you have any questions? This is one of the most dreaded questions candidates dislike being asked! We recently covered questions you should ask at the end of interviews but what about the ones you shouldn’t?

Don’t worry we have you covered for this one also, below we have outlined 5 questions that you really should avoid asking.

Salary, Hours, Responsibilities

Anything that has been stated in the job description avoid asking can it be changed. The job description is there to find a specific candidate for a specific role. If you cannot do the hours, if you are looking for a higher salary or if you want to squash some of the outlined responsibilities maybe this job isn’t for you. So if you are looking to change any of these things maybe reconsider your application and find a role more suitable.

Social Media Checks

Alarm bells begin to ring, as soon as you ask “Do you do social media checks?” it more than likely will discourage the hiring manager from taking you any further in the hiring process. It immediately indicates you have something to hire before you even apply for the role consider cleaning up your social media presence but do not ask if they carry out social media checks, that is a big no, no!

Holidays and Time off

Unless you have holidays planned that you want to make the hiring manager aware of, you should never mention holidays and time off. You haven’t even got the job as of yet and already you want to know about time off. Maybe cross this one off your list.

Enquire about what the company does

Didn’t you do your research? This one really doesn’t need much explaining. If you can find this information out by simply googling it then it shouldn’t have to be asked at all.

Can you work from home

Unless otherwise stated in the job description the answer you will get is “No”. Some companies may let you work from home after seeing how productive you are in the office but not until then.

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