After hitting the apply button many candidates are left in limbo, waiting by their phones or checking their emails religiously. When you’ve gone to the trouble of applying for a job, it can be very hurtful and demoralising when you don’t hear back from the hiring manager.

To be ghosted during any stage of the recruitment process is unacceptable customer service from a company. But unfortunately, it does happen in the recruitment industry. It can result in companies damaging their own employer brands and losing out to their competitors because of this.

Are You Guilty of “Ghosting”?

What Is Ghosting? 

Ghosting is a relatively new term that can mean a variety of things, including being dumped by a good friend or a date with no reason given. And while millennials may think they coined the term, ghosting has been part of the job search process for a long time — and it’s poor form for employers looking to promote and build a brand.

Ghosting can happen during the application process or even at the interview stage. The company simply ignores a candidate and has no further communication with them. Leaving them confused and in turn, making their experience with the company a negative one.

First Impressions Count 

A survey of 4,000 workers found 60% of job applicants who had an interview were “ghosted” by potential employers. Also, 75% who applied to jobs using various resources never heard back from the employer. Many hiring managers may become overwhelmed with applications and interviews and ghosting is an easy way out. Though it may seem like a simple solution when you are inundated with applicants, in the long run, you may be unknowingly tarnishing your employer brand and your employer brand is an extension of your company.

Employment branding is more than a buzzword. It begins with HR giving at least as much attention to the design, content and marketing of talent acquisition as it does to its customer acquisition strategy.

The Right Step 

Keep candidates in the loop. If there are candidates that you don’t want to take through to the next stage let them know with a quick email. If there are going to be delays in getting back to people let them know. Don’t let your main focus be just about securing talent and ignoring the rest of the recruitment process. Make sure it is a positive experience for any candidate whether you decide to hire them or not.

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