Attracting and recruiting talent is a top priority for all companies.  As the competition for the best talent gets more competitive companies must be strategic when it comes to hiring and it’s going to take more than just offering free gym membership!

Improve Your Employer Brand

Even if you know it or not your company has an employer brand. It is the first thing every candidate searches for when applying for a job. Whether they are checking out your social media page or company website it’s vital to have everything updated and make sure you are getting your story out there. Candidates are discouraged from applying for roles if companies put little or no effort into their employer brand so make sure yours is appealing and gives an insight into what it is like to work at your company.

Much like a good branding strategy companies are starting to use employer branding to attract talent to their roles. People trust brands so your employer brand is just as important as your companies brand.  Just make sure you’re investing time in promoting it, to help make your company stand out!

Grow A Thriving Work Culture

Motivating your current employees and helping them to progress within your company is a great way to grow a positive work culture. In turn, a thriving culture is what helps to attract talent. Employee testimonials can be added to your employer branding page that gives candidates an honest insight into what it is like to work there.

It can also simply be a case of word of mouth to attract employees, once people start hearing about why your company is a great place to work, the applicants will being to pour in filling your talent pools to the brim and reducing your spend on hiring.

Adapt Your Recruitment Strategy To Your Target Audience

You wouldn’t market Peppa Pig for example to a group of 30 year olds. So why shouldn’t you do the same with your recruitment strategy? You are not going to find candidates interested in marketing roles by advertising them to a group of chefs. By using the right channels / platforms, and language you can target the right audience.

By targeting specific people this can also help cut down on the amount of generic CVs you receive that have no relevant experience to the roles you are offering.

Attractive Job Descriptions

Hiring talent takes more than typing a few words. If you aren’t going to put any effort into your job descriptions you aren’t going to have the level of candidates you expect applying. Take time when constructing your job descriptions and remember to include as much as you can without going over the top.

Salary, Location ( as specific as possible) role responsibilities, skills and qualifications required are all key components to writing an attractive job description.

Tailor Your Perks & Benefits

Everybody loves perks and benefits and they really are important in attracting talent. Offering things like gym memberships or free lunches are great but it’s not for everybody. Start by asking your employees what they want, offering things like flexible working hours or help toward childcare or travel are invaluable and can really help pull talent towards your roles.

Just make sure that your benefits are consistent and that they are offered equally to everybody.