Companies have a tendency to stick with what they know and hold on to the familiarity of their traditional hiring methods.
Technology is increasingly advancing at a rapid pace and with the competition, for talent, companies that bring automation into their departments are seeing the benefits of recruitment software.

Here are some myths busted about recruitment software that may be stopping you from making the change over:

I Can Manage With Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets can cost you a lot of time and if you value time then it isn’t the way you should be managing your recruitment process. Ok, it’s cheaper but most companies reach an inflection point where the cons of spreadsheets outweigh the pros.

With the growth of your company, you need to recognize how to make the processes easier, otherwise, productivity will start to be negatively affected. Recruitment software can take away the pains associated with spreadsheets and put the majority of admin on the back burner.

Recruitment Software Is Expensive

When it comes to recruitment software it actually helps you to save money. With some companies saving up to 75% in the first year of using it. A modern ATS is going to cost more than using traditional methods but think of the long-term benefits.

Rather than just focusing on the cost of the software, work out how much money you’re spending on your recruitment strategy as a whole. Do you outsource any part of it? What is your cost of hire? The figure might be higher than you think.

It takes too much time to implement

Most recruitment software is cloud or web-based meaning no software has to be installed. Also, because of this, it is very easy to update. Many platforms are also user-friendly meaning little or no training is involved and depending on the vendor, you are also provided with real person customer support.

Just remember to ask during the sales process about what method of customer support is available to you when purchasing, as you don’t want to be left talking to Barry the Bot!

It removes the human aspect

Candidates crave communication during your hiring process and not having time to provide this can be challenging for some companies. Because recruitment software adds an element of automation to the hiring process, companies believe that it will take away the human aspect.

If anything recruitment software allows you to focus your attention on giving your candidates a great experience and instead of spending time sifting through your emails for CVs you can focus on building a strong candidate experience.

Recruitment Software Will Take My Job

One of the main reasons hiring departments turn a blind eye to recruitment software is because they think it will steal their job. This isn’t the case!

If anything it should be looked at as an advantage.  Recruitment software is there to take the tedious admin side out of your job giving you more time to focus on the bigger projects.