The Christmas office party season is almost upon us , no one wants to be that girl or boy that everybody ends up talking about the morning after .

Here are some BIG office party don’ts to help you survive the festive season . . .

1. Don’t bring friends who don’t work with you


giphy (1)


Unless everybody is given an invitation to have a plus one don’t just randomly invite your friends to gatecrash.

2. Take advantage of the free bar


giphy (2)


Free drinks for everybody! Who doesn’t like a free bar (*cough) keep it classy and keep a clear head.

3. Sexy Dancing


giphy (4)


We all know that you have the moves that would knock Beyonce for six but channeling your inner Beyonce at the Christmas office party is a big no ( imagine the videos the morning after )

4. Cornering the boss to share your big ideas




Leave the work chat at the office, they may smile and nod but they are there to have fun also.

5. Being the drunken person there


giphy (5)


Beer tears , telling everybody you love them. You don’t want alcohol to make the decisions for you, do you ?

6. Have fun


giphy (6)


We know it is a big list of don’ts but don’t forget to have fun , it is a party after all !


7. Hooking up with your office crush



Nope, no , no , not during the party & not at the after party , no, no …. enough said!

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