Temporary jobs usually last 6-8 weeks and are there to help companies to stay on top during this busy time of the year, but there are so many benefits and perks of taking on a seasonal role and we have listed our top 5 merry reasons to take on a Temporary Christmas Job!

1. A Temporary Job Could Become Permanent

When companies hire for the holiday season, they typically keep on some of the good temps after the holiday season is up. It’s worthwhile taking on a holiday job and putting everything into it as it could lead to a permanent position in the new year.

2. Extra Money For The Holidays

The sooner you apply for a Christmas job the sooner you get hired, it will also leave you with extra money with means less stress over the holiday period.

3. Have A Good Reference For Your CV

It’s also great to make contact during any job and its even better when you leave with a glowing reference. It may only be a temporary job but if you make a good enough impression it can lead to you making a great contact for future employees to contact so its a win-win situation.

4. Graduate Schemes

For forward-thinking graduates, lots of retail stores now have graduate schemes so a temp Christmas job can be a foot in the door and it would be great to say that you have already worked for the company during the interview process. The insider knowledge you could gain would be invaluable.

5. Plugging Gaps

Temporary jobs are great for filling in gaps during job-seeking periods. It’s a great way to show employers that you are actively seeking work, whilst brushing up on your skills and that you show a go-getter kind of attitude.

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