Established in 1992, Applegreen is a major petrol forecourt retailer in the Republic of Ireland with a significant and growing presence in the United Kingdom and recently announced expansion into the USA.

They have expanded their current 200 store locations over the past 18 months and are targeting 500 international locations within 3 years. They work in an extremely competitive sector and move quickly to obtain and open new sites. Given their growth plans the client wants to make sure that their recruitment platform could scale with the business.


Imagine the challenges of managing over 200+ convenience stores with over 3,500 employees and growing.  Due to the expansion, the client required a solution that would enable them to integrate different recruitment platforms into one centralized recruitment process.

They wanted to be able to see exactly what platforms candidates were engaging with, to give them the opportunity to identify the certain areas that they could improve on. They also wanted their multiple sites across the estate to have access to a platform in order to make hiring fast and professional from end to end and to reduce the overall cost of their hiring process.

“We have saved 25% on recruitment costs in the first 7 months of using Rezoomo. We expect this to increase further once we integrate the platform with our corporate website.” – David McClean, Head of Employee Development.

The Solution 

Rezoomo worked with the client and implemented the platform to firstly manage their recruitment across their 120+ Irish stores.  Rezoomo supported Applegreen every step of the way with the integration of their various platforms and created one centralized platform for their recruitment process.

Store managers can now log in and easily manage their own hiring, making the process fast and professional and allowing each store to attract and on-board quality candidates. Each store manager can now see exactly what platforms each candidate are coming from. This enables them to identify their stronger platforms and the ones they need to improve on.


The Benefits 

How has Rezoomo helped Applegreen with your recruitment?

Rezoomo has made it possible to integrate the different platforms of recruitment that we previously used into one and made it possible to centralize our recruitment process. The reports provided make it possible to see exactly what platforms candidates are engaging with. It also gives us the opportunity to identify areas in which we can improve.

The ability to have multiple sites across the estate autonomous for their recruitment requirements from acquisition to hire will ensure a fast and professional process end to end.

Does Rezoomo help you attract better candidates? Why?

Rezoomo helps attract much better candidates as the features allow us to separate the qualified from the unqualified for a particular job based on screening questions.

The Candidate profile also gives us a better overall impression of the candidate that you might not always see through a CV. The feature of attaching video and pictures to each role will give us a great opportunity to share our culture to attract and engage quality candidates.

How has Rezoomo reduced your recruitment costs? 

Previously with no central tracking system, we had managers using all different advertising platforms including newspapers, Job Boards and Recruitment Agencies. We now have the one platform which has reduced the cost hugely.

How much has Rezoomo saved Applegreen? 

On average saving €1000+ per month to date. We have saved 25% on recruitment costs in the first 7 months of using Rezoomo and we expect this to increase further once we integrate the platform with our corporate website.

Has Rezoomo reduced hire time and how?

The nature of our business means a lot of time we will need to hire quickly meaning it is easy to lower standards to fill the gap. Rezoomo has centralised the process of taking the time away from dealing with agencies and filtering through paper CVS. Not only has it saved time but it allows us to use the time we do have better and get the right person for the job and to concentrate on retaining them.

Has Rezoomo reduced administration time per job and by roughly how long? 

It has allowed us to delegate the responsibility back to our managers on site. Having such a large estate of over 120 sites across the country it has become very time consuming spending several hours a day filtering CVS. It was very manual and a lot of back and forth through emails.

Good candidates have also fallen through the cracks with this previously. With Rezoomo all managers have their own logins and can manage recruitment at site level. While we can still track engagement centrally.

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