When it comes to interviews this is one question you will more than likely be asked ‘why are you looking for a new job?’ or ‘ why did you leave your last job?’ and is definitely one that you should be well prepared for.

The particulars of this answer are to uncover why you left your previous position voluntarily or on the other hand why you were let go. It is important to remember that whatever way you answer this question depending on your situation, you want to leave a positive impression.

How should you handle it

Ultimately you should frame the question in a way that makes the interviewer feel confident in hiring you. Just remember the delivery of your answer is just as important as what the content of it. The key is to be direct and to answer the question as to how you see yourself going forward in your career rather than in the past.

Some Examples Answers

– There isn’t much room for growth in my current position. I’m at the point that I am looking to further my career.
– I’m interested in a job with new responsibilities and I’m ready for new challenges.
– I left my last position as I was required at the time to make more full-time family commitments. But I’m now ready to get back into a full-time role.
– The company was cutting back or outsourcing and unfortunately, my department was cut/outsourced.
– While I’m happy with my current role, when I heard about this opportunity I thought it sounded interesting and seemed to be a good match for my skills which I cannot currently utilize fully at my current job.
– I was commuting to the city every day and I would like a role that is closer to home.

Don’t bad mouth anybody

If the reason why you left your last company has something to do with your boss or anybody else in the company it wouldn’t be a good idea to bad mouth them. You could give the interviewer the idea that you would bad mouth them if you were to leave their company or if they were to let you go. Remeber to remain professional at all costs.

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