Company culture is something that is a part of any organization whether it is built by a team or not it exists.

Many companies create roles such as vice president of fun or chief of happiness to make sure a positive culture is implemented and then use it as part of their hiring strategy when attracting talent.

Although you don’t have to go to these extremes, it is important to take the building and promoting of a healthy and positive company culture into your own hands.  Here are a few ideas to help you get started :

Assign an owner

As simple as it sounds you need to appoint somebody who will be responsible for the culture within your company. Don’t just leave it down to one person involve employees and let them have their input in shaping it also. Creating a culture that involves everybody will help prioritize it and push it in the right direction.

Bring fun into it

This isn’t something that is going to cost a lot of money, so don’t shy away from it. Having fun as part of your culture is a talent attraction winner as they say “all work and no play … ” so introduce a games room where employees can go and let off some steam. Providing staff with a relaxed atmosphere helps with productivity and also retention.

Allocate small intervals during the day to allow employees to relax but keep a time limit so that too much time isn’t wasted or that it isn’t something that is taken advantage of.


From employees birthdays to team success. Celebrate them all whether they are small wins or big wins recognition is something employees crave and why not give it to them. Making employees feel appreciated goes a long way. So celebrate milestones and give them their moment.


“Don’t just put a banana in the canteen and call it wellbeing” – Michelle Fogarty @Peptalk. Employees take well-being seriously and so should you. With more than half of worker feeling like they are overweight wellbeing is definitely something that should be incorporated into the workplace.

Hold fun and friendly office challenges, offer gym discounts or have somebody come it to talk to your employees about their wellbeing. Showing you take your employees wellbeing seriously will earn you respect and show that all aspects of your employee’s health are important to you.

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