Want to attract and hire quality candidates?

Our checklist to success for hiring quality candidates will help you strengthen your recruitment process.
This is a combination of what your company should be doing and what candidates want from your hiring process. Both combined gives you a flawless hiring strategy and will put you high above your competitors in attracting the best talent.

☐ Employer Branding

Your employer brand gives a candidate a sneak peek into what it is like to work for your company.  A well managed and marketed employer brand can be a goldmine in attracting quality candidates.

What message do you want to send out? Will it appeal to the type of candidates you want it to? Are there employee testimonials? Consider all of these and use rich media to help bring your company culture to life, this will help attract the best candidates and those who can see themselves as a ‘fit’ in your company.

☐ Candidate Experience

Put yourself in the position of the candidate. What message does your hiring process send out? Candidates want a polished experience from beginning to end. Remeber the candidate is valuable and not having a good candidate experience can reflect badly on your company.

Make sure that you communicate with your candidate throughout the hiring process whether you are going to take them to the next level or not.  The frustrating lack of communication is often referred to by candidates. So make sure you stay on top of your game.

☐ Job Descriptions

Even though this is a critical factor in the recruitment process it also seems to be one that is ignored. Your first step in any recruitment campaign is the writing of your job description, so why not create a winning one.
Give candidates the information they require.

Companies tend to be gatekeepers of this information and that can deter candidates from applying for a role. Include as many of these components that you can – hours ( this doesn’t have to be specific it can be full-time or part-time), salary or salary guide, location (be specific) and if you require candidates to have specific skills include them also.

☐ Create A Talent Pool

Even if visitors to your Employer Page don’t immediately find an active job that’s a fit, they may still want to send you their resume. Make it as easy as possible for them to upload their resume into your system, and at the same time, make finding candidates for future openings all the simpler.