Maybe you’re skeptical about the role of Valentine’s Day at work. But hear me out… 

On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate relationships! And relationships, as you know, come in many different forms. Some relationships are romantic, others platonic.  Like the ones, we have with family, friends and even our co-workers. 

Employee Recognition 

The average person will spend more of their waking life at work; than at home. Therefore a job and how you feel at work can have a major impact on your overall happiness and mental health. 

With that being said, we should look for every opportunity (including Valentine’s) to recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the people we work with. 

Show the Love

Employee Recognition

  • Say thank you: Whether it’s with a card or during the morning catch up; don’t underestimate the importance of a simple thank you! 
  • Arrange a desk drop:  Last year the Rezoomo team arrived to work to find a Valentine’s cupcake and note on every desk.
  • Build an Appreciation Board: Commandeer a wall in the office and encourage staff to write on it.  Share words of gratitude and thanks for your co-workers and the hard work they’ve done. 
  • Host a Breakfast: Surprise your team with a simple spread e.g. scones, fruit, yogurts or even some heart-shaped cookies (if you fancy yourself as the next Mary Berry). Ban work talk and catch up on each other’s lives! 
  • Support a heart-healthy charity: Use Valentine’s as an opportunity to get your team out of the office. You could organise a run, cycle or even swim to raise funds for heart-healthy charities like the Irish Heart Foundation and British Heart Foundation. 

Not just for Valentine’s Day!

It should go without saying that employee recognition is not just for Valentine’s Day. Often however employers forget about it (perhaps because they’re too busy) or refuse to treat it as a priority.

Evidence would, however, suggest that there are many tangible benefits to be had from recognising your employees: 

Employee Recognition