Today’s job seekers needs and expectations differ to what once was. They now expect a more streamlined digital environment when they are going through the recruitment stages.

So, how can companies easily transition to these stages of the candidate’s journey without losing any vital parts of the process? The answer lies in going paperless and embracing digital.

By going digital it allows both the HR and employee to experience a stronger candidate and employee experience, cutting down on the time spent compared to using a paper system.


Benefits Of Going Paperless

Innovation, in the case of recruitment, dwells in the cloud. The cloud offers a powerful solution for many of the key issues faced by HR. By integrating the right tools as part of your recruitment strategy it can allow you to easily centralize all of your recruitment needs. It can transform how you communicate with new hires and give the candidate a way to communicate with you.

This resulting in a great candidate experience. It also allows you to streamline the whole process and ensures any information is fully protected and secure in the cloud compared to a paper system where candidates information can be easily accessed.

Increased Flexibility and Mobility for Your HR Department

There are many benefits of moving to the cloud. One of the biggest is the ability to access information anywhere. With the cloud in place, you can use any device, anywhere in the world, and at any time to access necessary information. When cloud-based human resources solutions are adopted, they empower employees. This happens by providing more flexibility for accessing information.

Even more importantly, the cloud is self-service. This eliminates the endless stacks of paperwork typically seen in most human resource departments. Going paperless means it is easier to remain organized.

Improve the Candidate Experience with Paperless Hiring

Paper resumes are pretty much a thing of the past. The nature of an applicant tracking system is paperless because it is all online. A good ATS will do most of the grunt work in the hiring process; one clicks short list or rejection buttons. This doesn’t only make life easier for the hiring manager; an expedited, seamless and paperless process improves the candidate experience dramatically by reducing the time and frustration inherent in the recruiting process. 

Save Money with Paperless HR Processes

Traditional HR processing involves ink, printers, copiers, folders, file cabinets that take up space, postage, ridiculous amounts of paper and more. These seemingly small costs end up adding up quite quickly, especially in larger companies. Yes, paperless systems come with costs that won’t necessarily be offset immediately. However, over time these systems pay for themselves by eliminating the continuous costs of traditional HR processes.