So you have the dream team but there is one employee who thinks they are a know it all and enjoys being the center of attention. It’s beginning to have a negative impact on the team and is lowering morale.

So how do you deal with it? We have put together some tips on how to address the situation to deal with egotistical employees.

Make them aware

Start by making the employee aware of the problem they are causing. It can be easy for an employee to be completely unaware of their behavior and the impact it is having on the team.

Arrange a meeting and explain how the behaviour is affecting the team. Awareness is the first step and most important when dealing with an employee who is distracting.

Tell them they need to change

If the distracting behaviour doesn’t stop after making them aware of the issue then it’s time to put some rules into place. Let them know that their behaviour has to change, give them a timeline and offer support if needed.

But they need to take responsibility for their actions so let them know if things don’t improve you may have to let them go.

Stay Calm

Some challenging employees enjoy being provocative. Stay calm and don’t get dragged into the drama and lose your temper, however, tempting it may be.

Document and Track progress

Any conversations you have had with the individual make sure to document it. Make other members of management aware of the guidelines you have set for the individual and the goals they must reach for improvement.

All of this will be essential if you do need to build a case for termination.