Deciding what college course to chose can be a daunting process, there are so many out there, are you making the right choice?

Take a breath we have outlined 5 courses available in various colleges around Ireland and have outlined their job prospects to help make your decision a little easier.

Humanities and social science

Job prospects 
Humanities graduates have traditionally fared well in the civil and public service, teaching, journalism, culture and heritage, but those with relevant postgrad qualifications are as likely to be found in the business world. Social science graduates have a natural home in policy, social work, and the NGO sector. Psychology is useful in a variety of fields as well as psychotherapy practice. Economics graduates have prospects in financial services and smaller businesses.

Most of all, however, employers are screaming out for language graduates, and wily students choose humanities for this very reason. And as for philosophy, history, and English? Leaving aside their intrinsic value, they help wire the brain to research and analyse often complex information from multiple angles and then communicate it. Employers value those skills.

Where to do it 

DCU  Humanities / Social Sciences

UCD  Humanities/ Social Sciences

UCC   Arts, Celtic Studies & Social Sciences

WIT  Humanities


Engineering and Technology

Job prospects 
It seems like there’s an announcement of engineering and technology jobs almost every other day.

Employers value the problem-solving skills of engineers but it does tend to be a particularly mobile job; if work dries up at home, they may need to look abroad. Prospects for civil engineers can fluctuate – they plummeted during the most recent recession – they’ll also find work abroad. The best prospects of all, however, are for electronic engineers, where shortages are projected long past 2019: Name your price.

Where to do it 

DIT  Engineering Courses

CIT  Engineering Courses 

NUI Galway Engineering Courses

TCD Engineering Courses



Job prospects 
For all its faults, the financial services industry is a major employer in Ireland and, with every new company that sets up here, there will be potentially lucrative job opportunities for business graduates. Entrepreneurs who set up their own business may be from science, technology, arts, agriculture or other backgrounds, but they need business expertise. Indeed, if you’re thinking of setting up your own company, a business degree is invaluable. From the smallest businesses employing fewer than 10 people to the biggest multinational firms, business graduates are valued.

Many big firms, particularly the big accountancy firms, take on graduates from business, science or even humanities backgrounds and offer further training and professional development opportunities. And if you’ve studied an international language with a business qualification, unemployment is a very unlikely prospect.

Where to do it 

TCD Business Courses

Griffith College Business Courses

DCU Business Courses

DBS Business Courses



Job prospects 
Definitely better than three years ago, when the property crash hit the demand for conveyancing. Bear in mind that anyone who wants to work as a solicitor or barrister can’t just do an undergraduate course: they have to pass further exams. That said, lots of employers are keen to take on law graduates because they have broadly useful skills; many work in banking or tax, while others work for NGOs or public-service organisations such as the new Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, or in the probation services.

Where to do it 

Maynooth Law Courses 

DIT Law Courses 

TCD Law Courses



Job prospects 
As it stands, it depends on what you teach. The Irish National Teachers Organisation says that there will be good career opportunities for primary teachers into the foreseeable future. Secondary school teachers don’t have it so easy, although the numbers in secondary school will rise in coming years, creating new jobs at a time when older teachers are retiring. Home economics teachers continue to have excellent employment prospects.

Where to do it 

St Patrick’s Drumcondra Teaching Courses

Marino Institute of Education Teaching Courses

Hibernia College Teaching Courses