Are you happy with your applicant tracking system? A recent survey showed that 67% of HR or recruitment professionals are unhappy with their ATS. The main reason being that they are not attracting or retaining top-notch talent. In fact, 62% of employers say that there is a good chance that standard ATS are filtering out highly qualified candidates resulting in them losing out top talent.

If you are a hiring professional that is sick of their outdated ATS check out the facts below that offers information on what you should be looking for in a new ATS system It also explains why its time to finally pull the trigger and ditch your old unreliable system :

What is happening? 

  • 67 % of HR or recruitment professionals are unhappy with or are planning to change their ATS
  • Standard ATS are allowing top-notch talent to fall through the cracks 62% of hiring managers say that there is a good chance their ATS filters out the best candidates
  • 60% of job seekers have had poor candidate experience due to outdated and hard to use ATS systems
  • 37% of hiring managers are concerned that their companies hiring process is not attracting and retaining quality hires.
  • HR manager spend an average 32 hours a month sorting through  data because of their outdated ATS
  • Millennials have said they would rarely consider applying for a job if they couldn’t apply via their mobile device
  • 64% of job seekers say that it is important that their job application is acknowledged when they apply for a job

How can it be fixed? 

Manage your recruitment from start to finish using a talent attraction hub a revolutionary  unique platform like this  allows you to :

  •  Make the job application process simpler as one in five candidates say they do not want to spend more than 20 minutes completing a job application.
  • Maximizing your exposure in one click allows you to post to multiple platforms including your companies social media profiles, Facebook jobs board, and your own careers page.
  • Collaborate, unlike a standalone outdated ATS that costs you money to add more users. Rezoomo allows your company to add numerous users to your profile for no extra charge
  • Build talent pools for no extra costs. With no limits on the number of connections or types of talent pools, you can build.
  • Manage all jobs in one place. Promote your employer brand and culture with our beautifully designed employer profiles. Attract the right candidates by showing them what it’s like to work at your company.
  • Get detailed reports of how candidates are finding your jobs and what platforms are working the best for you. View how many applications you get from jobs boards and social media and find out where your hires are coming from.

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