Every HR professional knows how costly recruitment can be, though not every company knows how to effectively contain these expenses.

With 2018 coming to an end, the majority of companies are focusing on how they can effectively hire for the upcoming year without having to spend an arm and a leg.

With HR departments trying to centralize all of their recruitment needs giving access to all of their managers, what are the best ways to slash your recruitment spend for 2018? Here are some guidelines to help you with those all important factors you will need to address.

1. Know The Importance Of Recruitment Marketing

86% of HR professionals agree that recruitment is becoming more like marketing.[Hiring Insights]. Start attracting talent and fill your talent pools in preparation for staff shortages by starting to think like marketers.

Create an engagement platform that will find, attract and engage candidates. Job seekers no longer search for jobs the way they used to. Instead, they are consumers of content, they engage with it, and their career decisions are increasingly being influenced by what they see, read and hear online, offline and through their own connections. Make sure they notice you.

2. Engage With Job Descriptions

Allow your job descriptions to stand out. A recent survey carried out by Software Advice showed that candidates detested minimal job descriptions  Make sure your job descriptions outline what the candidates want to know. You can find out how to write a winning job description here

3. Focus On Candidate Experience

The candidate experience is going to be one of the hottest trends of 2018. When we think of recruitment we think about the process and we tend to forget about the candidate, what their experience is and how we can improve on that. A bad candidate experience can easily ruin your employer brand deter candidates from applying for a role with your company.

You can read about 2018 HR TRENDS – CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW and also IMPROVING CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE THROUGH TECHNOLOGY to help you understand what the candidates want and what you need to implement into your strategy to help with your recruitment process.

4. Automate Your Recruitment Process

This will not only benefit your HR department through centralization, the ability to add numerous managers to your platform, to send automated messages etc. But, it will also provide an overall professional recruitment process to candidates, who will, in turn, recommend you to friends and family.

A recent survey by Software advice shows that candidates who never receive an acknowledgment message when they submit an application or no notice when the position is filled are less likely to recommend your company to family or friends.