There is a new hot term in recruitment and if you work in the industry chances are you have already heard of or have taken part in recruitment marketing.

Just so we are all on the same page, let’s take a moment to refresh.

Recruitment marketing has the following functions:

  • To create awareness for potential candidates
  • Create a general interest amongst candidates for any upcoming roles at your company
  • Building &  nurturing candidate relationships
  • To give a glass window look into your company to attract candidates

Recruitment Marketing is an additive and should never be thought of as a replacement for recruiting. It is the top part of your hiring funnel and is responsible for driving candidates further down the pipeline using a range of strategies. It allows you to communicate your employer value proposition and promotion your company through various marketing channels.

recruitment marketing

The hand-off between recruitment marketing and recruiting occurs when a lead becomes an applicant. In other words, when a job application is completed. From that point forward, the Recruiter screens applicants and manages the hiring process. They work with the hiring manager through selection, interview, offer and acceptance.

Marketing in recruitment has become so popular over the last few years that companies are really investing in their profiles and its contents. A number of employees are working on profiles. Some companies are even hiring recruitment marketing specialists to keep their profiles updated. If done right with the right tools recruitment marketing really can help your company go from strength to strength when attracting candidates and building your talent pools.

As candidates become more reliable on social media/ digital for their job search it is more important now than ever to onboard recruitment marketing as part of your companies hiring strategy.