We recently covered 6 HR books you should be reading and it really is a great list of reads.

We now bring you the 6 HR Podcasts you need to listen to on your commute and these are a great way to gain knowledge and insights on your daily work commute.

6 HR Podcasts You Need To Listen To On Your Commute

HR Happy Hour

With over 200 episodes since 2009, the HR Happy Hour podcast has a wealth of great material, tips, and news about the HR industry.  Episodes come out 2-3 times a month and focus on human resources, management and leadership, and workforce technology.

Human Capital Institute Podcasts

Another long-running podcast with over 270 episodes, HCI’s shows cover a wide range of workforce management topics.  From recruiting, to building a great employer brand, to how to apply HR data effectively, each episode is jam-packed with information.  Episodes come out about once every three days.

Human Resources for Small Business

Like the name implies, this podcast focuses on the unique HR needs of small businesses.  From the basics of how to build an onboarding process, to increase employee engagement, and how to deal with bullying in the workplace, this is the talent management education every small business owner needs.  Episodes are released roughly every month.

CIPD Podcast

The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) is a European HR association with over 130,000 members, and it puts out this monthly podcast on all things HR-related.  Topics covered include trends in family-friendly workplaces, interviews with HR professionals (like the HR Information and Analytics Director for Unilever), and tons of original research on things like barriers to leadership.  Tune in for the distinctly UK take on HR, but with broadly applicable lessons.

Lunch Conversation with DriveThru HR

Daily 30 minute episodes feature HR experts talking about a variety of informative topics.  They cover everything from recruiting, to talent management, to HR technology.  The podcast has been around since 2013 and has over 300 episodes.

HR Latte

A newer podcast, having only launched in 2014, this 30-minute show is hosted by Rayanne Thorne of Talent Browser.  Episodes include interviews with HR and talent experts, discussions on candidate experience, and learning and development.