Recruitment can be costly, time-consuming and overwhelming. It can also be difficult for companies that are processing a large number of applications on a weekly or monthly basis especially when there is no automation involved. This could mean spending hours sifting through filing cabinets, email inboxes and documenting large quantities of CVs using the dreaded excel spreadsheets.

Because of the labour intensive nature of this process, it would benefit companies to find a simpler way of doing things. This is where recruitment software comes in and these are the main reasons why you should use it in your application process.

Save Time & Paper

Using recruitment software helps to shorten the processing time. Many applications have had bad candidate experiences with companies that don’t use automation in their recruitment strategy. The main issue being that they don’t hear back from the company they applied for and this is simply because the process can be so grueling for the HR department that they simply don’t have the time to do so.

Recruitment software allows companies to streamline their application process and in turn helps reduce the amount of time it takes to go through CVs. This results in a shorter response time and an overall good candidate experience for applicants whether the outcome is favourable or not.

It Keeps Everything Organized

It’s time to banish the filing cabinets and spreadsheets. Seriously give your HR department a break. Recruitment software automatically stores information on candidates so you can start building your own talent pools and begin nurturing your own leads.

The software allows you to easily to get in touch with applicants, so, if you have a vacancy 3 months down the line that is suitable for a previous candidate, simply find them in your database and get in touch. All of your correspondence is easily documented and everything is kept in one space. This is a welcome feature for companies of all sizes.

Processing More Applicants

Recruitment software has enabled companies to process up to 50% more applications in some cases. Right away the HR department benefits by not having to directly sort through this increased load. This increased number also comes from the ability to advertise on a wider number of platforms and it also gives companies time to focus on their employer branding to attract and nurture leads.

An Efficient and Cost Effective way to Advertise Your Jobs

Many companies are unaware that some applicant tracking software comes with complementary features. Some of these features include complimentary access to job sites and within the recruitment software, a one-click posting option to save you even more time. Another feature includes a front end platform that allows you to build a corporate profile that includes employer branding, your companies own jobs board and even a tab for your companies own talent pool.

This bodes well for the budget and cuts down on expenditure on print media and other costly forms of advertising. Social media sites are a great way to promote your jobs and some companies marketing teams will help push your jobs out in front of the right candidates and invite them for application.

It allows for collaboration

In many companies, the process of recruiting candidates isn’t solely left up to one person. Recruitment software allows you to add other decision makers whether it be in the same department, a different department or even in another sister company or store.

This open communication fosters a healthy work environment and further aids in developing a strong recruitment marketing process. It allows hiring managers to post and manage their own jobs also meaning that everybody can benefit from the software.

It’s User-Friendly

Many companies fear recruitment software as they feel it requires a lot of training. The interface on your chosen recruitment software should be user-friendly allowing the learning curve to be eliminated. Most recruitment software requires little or no time to do training and many companies provide support for those that do have questions. There is no installation of the software required either as it is all cloud or web-based. This makes it very appealing to companies for this reason as it means no updates are required.

An increasing number of companies are tapping into recruitment software and are getting noticed by candidates for doing so as their recruitment process is candidate friendly. Using software is budget friendly and sets businesses in line to hire the best candidates at a fraction of the cost than the conventional method. Any company of any size can benefit from using this software and to top it all off, it’s always a good idea to have a talent pool at the back to draw from.