A recent article caused some food for thought. It addressed the issue about, why so many candidates are interviewed in busy Starbucks coffee shops. It’s loud, people are earwigging and it is a generally cramped space.

Many companies lack the space required to hold interviews so choosing an off-site space is the ideal solution. Off-site interviews can also be more relaxed and allow you to get a better feel for the candidate’s personality but before deciding on your location there are some factors you should take into consideration.

Choosing The Location

Don’t rule out coffee shops as they actually do make good locations for interviews, just make sure that it isn’t a busy one or that you are interviewing during busy periods. Choose a table closer to the back of the shop so that you have more privacy and less noise when interviewing.

Arrive early and let the facility know that you’re interviewing. That way, if candidates go up to the hostess or the manager at front desk, they’ll get directions to where you are. If you aren’t keen on the coffee shop idea and want to keep it more formal, many hotels have large lounge areas that are suitable or even conference rooms if you have a budget available.


Leave plenty of time in between interviews. The last thing you want is a string of candidates to start stacking up in the lobby or scattered at tables around you. Spend a max 30 minutes with each candidate that allows you enough time to interview and do a small amount of paperwork afterward before the next arrival.

If you do realise that during the interview the candidate wouldn’t be a fit for your company you could use the time to let them know about other upcoming roles they may be more suited to. Remember every candidate’s interview experience is important whether they are a fit or not.