With the holiday season coming at us quicker than Usain Bolt over the finish line, it’s time to get busy looking for that Christmas job. Retailers, hotels, and distribution centers are all on the lookout for seasonal staff to keep up with this busy time of year.

Just because these positions are temporary doesn’t mean the interview will be a walk in the park. Therefore sit up and take note of these interview questions and answers that will help you nail that job and don’t forget me when writing your Christmas card list!

Why do you want to work with us?

You need to show enthusiasm and tell the interviewer what skills you have to bring to the table, your personal brand is important here. Remember you are selling yourself and you have to embrace the companies values and vision.

This job will only last X amount of weeks, why are you interested?

Employees want to know why you are interested in a job that may not continue after the holiday season. They also don’t want to hire somebody who will get bored and leave after the first couple of weeks and leave them stuck. A good answer to give would be : “Being part of the team during the peak season would be a win-win. It would help you meet your business goals for the season and allow me to learn more about the business first-hand.”

How flexible is your schedule?

Employers ask this because they are interested in how flexible you can be, what ours are you willing to work: nights, weekends, bank holidays etc. A good answer to give would be: I am available to work Thursday – Mondays but can only work from 6pm on Tuesday & Wednesdays due to college. Remember to be honest.

Have you ever had a difficult customer and how did you handle the situation?

Angry customers are inevitable especially around Christmas time as people get stressed out. A good answer to give would be I can stay cool, calm, and collected when under fire and I know that it is not a personal attack on me.

**Top Tip**

Use examples to show your ability to learn quickly. As it is a seasonal role that you are interviewing for employees want to see that you can pick things up quickly and adapt to any environment. You may also be required to multitask so give examples of times when you had to do this and how you work well under pressure.


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