Social Media has always been an important tool for employers.

Whether its increasing customer engagement or gaining more followers, social media is a key tool for companies in expanding their business. CareerBuilder’s annual social media recruitment survey revealed that 60% of employers revealed that they used social networking sites to research candidates.

This has increased from 52% in 2015. To highlight this, we have compiled a list of six reasons why social media is important for employers. 

1. Customer Service can be improved

Because of the real-time nature of social media, companies are given access to instant feedback from customers. This can help product growth and customer retention. Customers can leave comments (either positive or negative) on the companies services, which then allows the employer to respond accordingly. Similarly, companies can respond to customers directly via the social media networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.). This allows employers to improve business practices as soon as possible.

2. Gain market share

It is easier for customers to find your business if you have an effective social media campaign. If you have an established presence on Facebook/Twitter it is then more likely that customers will take your business seriously and consider your services. This helps employers to establish a firmer grip on the market and improve customer retention. The Manhattan Group stands by the idea that “serious recruiting agencies with a strong social media presence are rapidly gaining market share. And those without, are missing out”.

3. An affordable way to increase brand awareness

It is usually cheap for businesses to establish themselves on social media. Therefore a successful social media campaign is an affordable method of increasing awareness of the companies brand. On Facebook, for example, even the smallest of investments on a campaign can have positive results for the business.

4. You can learn about your customers and connect with your audience

Social media allows companies to learn more about their customers and to connect with their audience. Facebook Insights in HootSuite allows companies to analyse trends and demographics among their customers. This allows companies to understand their target audience and also to help you to understand the specific needs of your customer base. For example, companies can check the age group and sex of those responding to Facebook posts. This then allows employers to market services towards those who are responding to the social media campaigns.

5. Connect with a new audience locally and globally

Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter allow companies to connect with new users both domestically and overseas. On Twitter, for example, companies can search through hashtags to see what is trending at home or globally. This will then allow the company to latch on to what is popular at the moment and use it to reach out to new audiences. For example, if there is something relevant in the news relating to companies or employees ie. job creation, then the company can create content mentioning this and attract new users to the website.

6. Expand professional network

Companies can use social media to connect with similar businesses. Online mentions of companies that you have formed a relationship with again increase recognition of a brand. By forming healthy online relationships with these businesses, companies can increase follower numbers and increase user confidence in their brand.