Social media is no longer just used as a social tool. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms are being utilized by job seekers looking for their next career move. It is something that companies really need to integrate into their social media strategies.

What do you include in a successful HR social media strategy so that you can attract top talent and really make the most out of those platforms available to you? We have outlined a few steps that help your recruitment efforts result in more qualified applications applying for your jobs.


Showcase your company and culture 

Your companies culture plays a vital role in your social media strategy. Many companies make the mistake of ignoring this step and simply post text-laden job posts that are overlooked by many job seekers. The idea here is to create a buzz about your company by sharing stories, photographs and videos about what it is like to work for you and to give the job seeker a sense of the work environment you offer. The more appealing you make it the more applications you are likely to receive. It’s not just about the job anymore as people want to work in companies are good employers.

Utilize social media platforms

With social platforms like Facebook having 1.86 billion monthly active users and Twitter 328 million monthly active users any HR manager that doesn’t utilize social media platforms as part of their recruitment strategy really are missing out. The best way to utilize these platforms is to create career pages so that any followers of your pages know there is somewhere your jobs are going to be advertised and can easily follow that career page for updates. We recently published a blog show you how to create a Facebook Career page for your company and what information you should include on it. This can be done for any social media platform and with those billions of users, your jobs will be in front of audiences that can share, comment and tag potential candidates for any of your vacancies.

Recruitment Marketing: Job descriptions 

When posting on social media it is important to captivate your audience. Writing good job descriptions are vital. Too short means people are not given enough details. While too long means people could get scared off or bored reading a lengthy post. Keep it midway be descriptive as you can without overdoing it. Have a read of how to write great job description so you really can perfect your post all of the time.

Tailor your posts 

Posting about a recent team event, a current job vacancy or a virtual tour of your companies workspace keep your posts different. Every social media platform shouldn’t be generic, mix it up and keep it exciting. Don’t mirror your posts include different pictures, different work and keep your followers attention.

Social marketing is fast becoming an indispensable tool for HR managers. It’s definitely a strategy that managers looking to get ahead of the game are already beginning to master.