OK, so this may be the one question an interviewer will ask that is going to test your physic ability. So how do you answer “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

It may seem like a trick question because sometimes your answer may not fit into the role of the job you are currently applying for or maybe you don’t see yourself being in the company for the foreseeable future. So why does the interviewer ask it? For that exact reason, they want to understand more about your career goals and how the position you are applying for will fit into your grand plans.

So, for example, you might say, “Well I’m really excited by this position at Total Marketing because, in five years, I’d like to be seen as someone with deep expertise in the marketing sector, and I know that’s something that I’ll have an opportunity to do here. I’m also really excited to take on more managerial responsibilities in the next few years and potentially even take the lead on some projects. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing managers, and so developing into a great manager myself is something I’m really excited about.”

Take the time to think about this question and prepare a response. Don’t memorize a script. However, practice how you will describe your long-term career plans in a way that will be relevant to the interviewer and help you tell your story about why you’re the best person for the job.

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