Traditionally when it came to a companies strategic planning process, HR wasn’t a part of that.

Today if you take a closer look at any successful company, you will find that they all have one thing in common, they now all have an HR professional sitting at their table.  HR is no longer considered a back office function, the department now plays a large part in the retention and onboarding of quality employees.

CEOs are realizing that in order to keep it that way, they must invest in their people, as people are becoming the source of every companies competitive advantage.

So as an HR professional how can you use your seat?

Bring your ‘A’ Game

Always come to the table prepared. This means taking the initiative and presenting ideas that will improve the and drive the business. It is your department, so show how you can offer and add value, if you are facing challenges show how you can go about solving them and if that includes saving the company money then, by all means, don’t be hesitant in sharing those ideas.

Be Passionate

Know your company. Focus on your employer brand. What is the point of outsourcing recruiters who know nothing about your companies value and who overall add no value to your company but still get paid for every candidate that they hire? Build an employer brand and attract talented people to that brand. Be passionate about it all and become a great place to work, the talent will follow.

Be a leader

Lead your department. Make sure that you implement the right decisions for your company in terms of recruitment. Hire the best candidates and don’t settle for less. Take risks and stand up for what you believe in. Those who have a seat at the table must be the ones that are willing to rock the boat.

Stay ahead of new trends

Even though the fundamentals never change in recruitment you are always going to want to hire quality candidates and retain them. The reality is the dynamics around us are changing, with technology and millennials especially changing the way we hire.

The key factor is that if you help the c-suite solve these problems that these dynamics create, you will earn not only your seat at the table but the credibility that comes along with it. If you do continue to ignore these changes and continue to push traditional HR methods upon your department you may feel that seat to begin to go from under you. Progression is key.