The role of recruitment is moving away from an administrative one to that of a more strategic one. With more and more job-seekers using digital channels and devices to search for jobs as our recent survey revealed, it is vital that companies digitize every aspect of their recruitment strategy in order to keep up with the latest trends and to attract top talent. So how can digitizing recruitment empower your company and what are the benefits of doing so?


Employer Branding 

A strong employer brand plays a critical role in attracting and retaining talent in a competitive marketplace. Every day the challenge to find the best talent increases but what are the real benefits of an employer brand strategy?

  • As your company is considered an excellent place to work, you’ll attract new generations of exceptional talent. You won’t attract good employees, you’ll attract outstanding ones.
  • Strengthen online brand visibility. As social media plays a crucial role in spreading the information, with a strong employer brand a company will be able to expand its reach.
  • Your brand image will be considerably improved. This is important when attracting customers and investors who’ll directly influence the business’s economic benefits


Applicant Personality 

HR professionals have to assess how well a new hire will fit into the company’s culture and structure. The benefit of digitizing recruitment is that hiring employers can conveniently pull up an applicant’s “online personality,” generally without having to meet face to face or ask for responses on a test, saving time and money. Social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, provide a window into the personal and professional lifestyle of candidates.  There is a huge benefit when potential candidates use digital CVs to apply for jobs. It really gives an insight into their personality. The use of video introductions can really get a feel for the candidate and how they would fit into the companies culture saving you time and money on new hires.


Metrics and Measurement 

Data is crucial in the digitization of recruitment. It allows you to determine the effectiveness of any strategy implemented and will enable HR to develop future recruitment strategies based on the metrics and measurements received. This data will give an insight into what channels work and don’t work which means cutting down on time and expenditure. These are some of the benefits of using metrics and measurements as part of an online recruitment strategy


  • Cost Per Hire – One of the most commonly used HR metrics, this can tell you just how much it really costs your company when you hire a new worker.
  • Hiring Cycle Time – Time from hiring requisition date to start date. Example: average hiring cycle time was 5.8 months.
  • Hiring Fill Rate – How many positions are filled after 6 months? Example: the 6-month hiring fill rate was 61%


Talent Pools 

HR professionals can effortlessly increase their talent pools through advertising job openings online. If done correctly they can greatly reduce the cost of recruitment because they can eliminate the need to advertise also saving you time. A recent study found that costs of up to 50% could be saved when using talent pools. Having a strong talent pool can help you identify potential external candidates before a position even needs to be filled. It can prove beneficial as part of any digital recruitment strategy.