In today’s business world, the competition for great talent is fiercer than ever. A business must not only be able to onboard talent but they must also be able to retain it.

In order to do this, it is important for a business to implement various strategies to manage employee turnover effectively.

One of these strategies includes staff interviews. Staff interviews are a highly effective way to address employees about any problems they may be having within their role or to see if you can help them to further their career within the company. Here we have outlined some sample questions that you can ask during staff interviews to make sure that you really understand what it is that your employees want.

Sample Questions For Staff Interviews

Tell me a little bit about how you first decided to take a job at [Company name]

After five years at [company name], what do you like most about your job here?

And what are some of the things you find to be less positive?

I’ve been wondering where you would like to be in your career in, say, the next five years.

What have you been thinking?

What would keep you excited about your job?

What career progression goals would you like to set?

What other action plans can we make together to help you get what you want most in this
job? Let’s start with “Skills you want to develop”…

How do you think we should follow up to make sure we stay on track with the action plans?

These questions are a great way to see how you can help your employee progress within your company, it also shows that you are interested in their career and where they want to go with it within your company.