Barry Group is one of Ireland’s leading wholesale and distribution groups. Operating from its headquarters in Mallow, the company employs over 230 people supported by recruitment management provider Rezoomo.

Barry Group is the owner of the Costcutter, Carry Out and Quik Pick franchises in the Republic of Ireland. Costcutter is one of Ireland’s most respected retail groups with over 120 locations throughout the country. They are focused on offering their customers a great product range at an affordable price in a convenient shopping location. In December 2009, Barry Group completed the acquisition of the Carry Out off license franchise which has over 100 stores nationwide.

Carry Out operates under a community-based ethos while retaining a strong commercial interest. Since launching in 1996, Quik Pick has become a well-regarded name in the convenience sector. To the retailer, the Quik Pick brand gives a modern image that’s focused on competitive pricing.

Challenges Faced

Barry group were frustrated with not being able to fill their vacancies with quality candidates. The jobs that they were advertising were not reaching enough candidates. They were also not receiving the required response to the vacancies that they had advertised. They were advertising a broad range of vacancies on various jobs boards. This was costing them more and was giving them no way to manage any of the applications that they received. The team believed that they didn’t have the right toolset to implement a strong recruitment strategy so when Rezoomo came along they knew it would be the ideal opportunity for them to invest in a system that would really provide results. Quality Hires, Saving Time & Money Barry Group required a system that would help them manage all of their recruitment needs on one platform.

They chose Rezoomo because it provided them not only with an ATS to manage their recruitment but also a system that would allow them to reach quality candidates and a system that would allow them to promote their company and employer brand. When asked about how would they compare Rezoomo to previous products Barry Group have used, Deirdre Buckley head of HR replied “Excellent rate for the introductory offer, time saved on applicant replies & administration, virtual filing & storage of candidate applications,saving on agency fees, great benefit in having individual profiles for our various brands and great added benefit to our retailer customers who can utilize the platform in every location across Ireland as part of our account along with administration time saving to our HR Dept. The great response rate to adverts across our spectrum of roles, competitor websites would not have attracted responses to roles like HGV Drivers etc.”

“Rezoomo has been really successful in attracting great applicants for the retail and professional roles that we advertise”


“Rezoomo has been really successful in attracting great applications for the retail and professional roles that we advertised. We successfully appointed superb candidates into professional roles through Rezoomo last Autumn. These were dually advertised on competitor websites so to date we would rate Rezoomo far more successful for our needs” – Deirdre Buckley, Head of HR.

Having worked with Rezoomo, Barry Group have used the recruitment management platform across all of their brands with great success. They have dramatically improved their hiring process increased reach, quality hires and retention rates have all been delivered as a result. To date, they have advertised 24 jobs through Rezoomo and have filled 17 of those positions.

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