As we begin to settle in for the upcoming year. We take a look back over 2017 and what topics interested our readers the most.

From trend predictions in recruitment for 2018, slashing recruitment spends, wellbeing in the workplace we shared our thoughts on all of these subjects. We provided you with stats, infographics, downloads and more. We wrote a lot to help keep you updated with the latest trends, insights and reports.

As we take a look back over the year, we list 5 of the most read and discussed articles by our readers.

Workplace Wellbeing Trends

With health and wellbeing becoming a top priority in the workplace we took a look at what workplace wellbeing trends you can expect to see in 2018. Providing you with some great stats that should you what employers want and expect from workplace well-being programmes. We also provided you with some great downloads to help you easily implement a personalised wellbeing programme into your strategy.

What’s Next For HR? It’s Time To Lose The Paper… 

In today’s rapidly evolving recruitment landscape we were surprised to find out that some HR departments still use paper as part of their recruitment process. We wanted you to take a look at how easy it is to centralize all of your recruitment requirements on one platform. We also wanted to show you how it easily provides everybody in the recruitment process access to the platform and increased flexibility instead of being tied down to a filing cabinet or even worse the dreaded excel database.

4 Ways To Slash Your Recruitment Spend For 2018

Tracking a recruitment budget can be a pain, recruitment can be costly, especially if you are using various channels as part of your recruitment strategy. In this article, we show you how easy it can be to manage it all, by automating your recruitment process. Saving you time and money and really letting you get the most out of your recruitment spend.

2018 Candidate Experience – What You Need To Know

Awarded Human Resources Today’s most valuable post in the talent acquisition category. The clear favourite of our readers the 2018 candidate experience – what you need to know post really hits the nail on the head. Full of stats to back up our predictions and an easy to read article, with great insights to what candidates want from your recruitment process. It really is a must-read post for anybody in recruitment or HR.