A strong topic that arises consistently in recruitment is gender equality in the workplace and so it should.

It is an important topic that recruiters and anybody in HR should be made aware of. Discrimination and unequal pay is illegal. However, the facts show that we still face huge obstacles in equal opportunities, and employers play a vital role in overcoming these hurdles. We have highlighted 3 ways that can help your company achieve and promote gender equality in the workplace.

1- Gender Pay Gap 

The gender pay gap remains a well know and important issue and one of the clearest examples that can be given when it comes to gender equality in the workplace. The best way to battle this is to have transparency and openness in your workplace when it comes to pay figures. This will tackle and shed light on any pay differences. By doing this it will start the ball rolling to close any pay gaps and assure that men and women get paid equally for the same roles.

2 – Encourage Female Leaders

There are real gender incongruities to overcome; sometimes it will require empathy and sometimes women will need gender-specific programmes to bring out their best self. . Mentoring, helping other women up the ladder and making women more visible is high on the agenda.

3- Don’t forget about men

This is about everyone having an equal chance. The aim of any equality initiative shouldn’t be to create an undue advantage for women, but simply to remove barriers to a level playing field. Nobody would want to be promoted just because they are female. This isn’t about declaring war on men, quite the opposite. It’s about amplifying female talent while they stand side by side with their male colleagues to drive business success together, equally.